Super Hero Life III, also commonly known as SHL III, is the newest and third game in the Super Hero Life series. It was available as of December 20th for 150 R$, and publicly released on December 25, 2018.

Super Hero Life has a map and a very big map. SHL II is often referenced in the billboards; the billboards usually include Chad Muller (Red Rage) and one billboard has The Enforcer, Light Void etc..

The full outfit system is back from SHL I but with different designs and a choice to have the designs on your different body parts.

There is a new superpower called Minigun; the minigun shoots neon yellow cuboids at a decent accuracy, dealing heavy damage. CJ_Oyer has said that the old moves such as Super Speed have been modified. Super Speed now has blur depending on your primary and secondary color.

The new map has Syndicorp, School, Hospital, HQ, Prison, Apartments, and Cementary.